Motorsports Betting

Betting on motorsport is one of the most exciting forms of betting. Whether it is the British F3, touring cars or the illustrious Formula 1, betting on these sports is rewarding both in terms of the excitement punters get from the event and in terms of increasing their bank balance.

Motorsports betting is the equivalent of putting the pedal to the metal when it comes to betting as it comes with tons of excitement and adrenaline boosting action. This is because there are hundreds of betting markets for a given event and there are countless motor racing events taking place every week.

Most Popular Betting Markets

One of the reasons why motorsports betting is so popular is the myriad of betting markets which are available to motorsports betting aficionados. Betting enthusiasts can bet on the winner of the race, on drivers’ winning order, podium positions, matching bets, top 6 finish, top 10 finish, winning team, winning nationality, first driver to retire, first team to retire and so on.

Race Winner

This is the most straightforward betting market and one which most betting enthusiasts choose. The point here is to choose the winner of the race once it finishes. The simplicity of this betting market means that even a complete novice to betting can place a bet without worrying that he will make a mistake. You simply bet on the driver or racer you think will win the race and then cheer for him/her to bring you a good pay day.

Backing quality drivers and racers such as Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen, Marc Marquez, Andrea Dovizioso, and Robert Shwartzman is always the smart option here. This is because these drivers have the highest win to race ratio and backing them will almost always keep you in the race until the very end and is often quite profitable too.

However, punters should know that backing table-topping drivers and competitors usually comes with lower odds than backing underdogs, but that is just part and parcel of motorsports betting.

Podium Bets

This is a less risky bet and is perfect for motorsports betting beginners. Betting on a driver to finish first is quite challenging in a race which also involves 20 or 30 other competitors, but backing that same driver to finish on a podium position certainly seems like a much more plausible bet.

This bet covers not just the first, but also the second and third position and as such it is quite normal that it comes with lower odds than the race winner market. However, if you are after a morale-boosting first winning bet, backing Lewis Hamilton to finish on the podium is almost a guaranteed winner even if it comes with miniscule odds.

Matching Bets

This market is perfect for motorsports betting veterans. In it, betting enthusiasts try to predict which of the two drivers in the imaginary duel will finish in a higher position. To get the winner in these duels right requires a lot of betting and motorsports expertise and that’s why this is a market which is often chosen by experienced motorsports punters.

First Driver to Retire

This is a pretty self-explanatory market and it deals with which driver will get out of contention first. To get this bet right you have to be a little lucky, but should also know what you are doing. Some competitors fare worse in certain types of weather, in certain races or under certain racing conditions. This presents experienced punters with a good opportunity to make a profit on the misfortune of a certain driver who they simply know will crack under some of these circumstances.

Another bonus with this market is the fact that it usually comes with betting propositions which have quite high odds. This means that it is a great opportunity to make a nice profit with a relatively modest stake and is often the bet of choice for punters who go for riskier bets.

Most Popular Motorsports Events

Betting on motorsports is always exciting, but some motorsports events are simply more exciting than the rest. These are watched by millions of people worldwide and raise adrenaline levels in both drivers and betting enthusiasts. What’s more, sports betting operators always come out with a better betting offer if the event is famous around the world and often include event specific specials which make the betting experience even better.

Each motorsport has a race which is considered as its most popular event and this is usually a week or a month long spectacle in which often the build-up to the race is as exciting as the race itself. This especially goes for people betting on high profile motorsports events as they get their betting markets weeks in advance and can even bet on the outcome of training sessions several weeks before the actual race has started.

These super popular events include races such as the Indianapolis 500, the Monaco Grand Prix, the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the United States Grand Prix, the Italian F1 Grand Prix, the Mugello Circuit MotoGP race, the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya and the Silverstone Circuit in F3 and many others.

Betting on these events is a unique experience which motorsports betting enthusiasts live for as it combines the excitement of getting the winner of the race right, but also enjoying in the build-up to the race and the spectacular coverage that high-profile events always receive.