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Official site of British F3 International Series.
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Preparations start in Bucharest


At the beginning of last week, work started on the race track around the Parliament House, where the „Vodafone Bucharest Challenge 2007” will take place between 18 and 20th of May 2007.

"We want to apologise in advance for all the inconvenience brought by this work and for the traffic troubles. I hope that everybody will understand that the operations are unavoidable for organising the race in the city centre and I want to apologise once again to those affected by them.”, said Hartmut Beyer, Vodafone Bucharest Challenge 2007 promoter.

The concrete fence walls were brought from Bilbao and respect all the safety rules imposed by FIA. The stands are made by a specialised German company and will be placed in the most important points of the track around the Parliament House. Their capacity is around 70.000 places.

The track in the street where the FIA GT Championship, the FIA GT3 European Championship, the Lloyds TSB Insurance British Formula Three International Series and the Logan Cup races will take place is 3180 metres long; the itinerary is as follows :  streets on the eastern corner of the Parliament House, Libertatii boulevard (where the Start-Finish line will be), on the right then on Calea 13 Septembrie, crossing Uranus and Izvor streets, descending Natiunilor Unite boulevard until crossing B.P. Hasdeu boulevard, then passing by Izvor park until crossing Libertatii boulevard. According to the architect Herman Tilke, who is the designer of the Formula One tracks in China, Malasia, Bahrain and Turkey, the average speed will be 148.6 km/h for the competitors from FIA GT Championship, the time per lap around 1 minute and 15 seconds. The top speed for the FIA GT Championship competitors is approx 230 km/h.

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