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Donington 12/10/2008 - 06 Days, 05 Hrs, 35 Mins
A lap of Bucharest with Greg Mansell


Fortec Motorsport's Greg Mansell talks us around a lap of the 3.111 kilometre Bucharest circuit following his first experience of the new track in Free Practice this morning.  

"We are going over the start finish line in 6th at about 165mph, getting up to nearly 170 into the first corner. You got to brake as late as you can because you haven't got much of a run out of the corner.  The corner is brilliant, there is a big exit kerb so you have to be not to go onto that.

"And that then runs you up a short shoot straight to the chicane.  The chicane is one of the trickiest corners, there is a massive kerb on the inside so you have to go down to 2nd (gear) and watch the walls.  It is very tight around there!

"Another short shoot to another chicane.  the next chicane is a lot quicker, you're in third, going around there at about 80-90 mph and then there is a massive run down to the next corner.

"The next corner suckers you in.  You go in there in 4th, downshifting all of the way through it.  It's very quick but then it tightens up into a very tight chicane.  A lot of people catching that are running wide.

"Then you've got the best part of the track for the drivers.  It's going to be pretty much flat out all of the way down at 150mph in the dry, in the wet it was definitely an experience, and that gets you onto the rev limiter in 6th, you're absolutely flying down to the next chicane, which is the biggest braking area, a lot of overtaking is going to done there.

"That then brings you out to the back straight. The back straight is one of the bumpiest straights, there are loads of drain hole covers, you'll see cars diving everywhere trying to miss them all.

"Under the bridge into the trickiest corner on the track, it's about 350 degree corner all of the way around, you think it is going to go on and on.  You have to get tucked up on the inside or you can take a wide line, so there is going to be a lot of action there and very important to get a good exit out of there for the main straight for overtaking."

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