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Donington 12/10/2008 - 06 Days, 05 Hrs, 24 Mins
TEAM NEWS: Tough but Promising Time for Ultimate at Wet Spa


The team had hoped to make the most of recent modifications to their Mygale-Mercedes machines and while the performance improvements were there to see in the pace of the two cars in both dry and wet conditions they took home just a single points finish from what had looked like being a promising weekend.

Argentine Esteban Guerrieri finished eighth having run as high as fifth in the dry race on Friday while Irishman Michael Devaney finished 11 th as both cars suffered brake problems. But the team were left frustrated in race two as a number of situations played against them.

The race was started behind the safety car, which neutralised the start advantage the Mygale cars appear to have, and only three full racing laps were run before the safety car returned while the organisers spent the remainder of the race retrieving one car from the top of Eau Rouge. 

Team manager Jonny Ostrowski said: "Overall we have to take the positives from this weekend and while the results were not there the pace definitely was. Both cars performed very well in wet and dry conditions and if we can get to the bottom of why we struggle in qualifying we will be chasing podium finishes. 

"The first race was okay but the second was ridiculous, a complete waste of time. We were faster than a lot of the cars out there in those conditions and we could have really done something, but the organisers only allowed us to race for three full laps.

"Starting behind the safety car harmed us. I'm not sure it was necessary but I am not the one who has to take that decision. It's a great shame for all of us to have come to Spa, one of, if not the best circuit there is, and for that to happen. I'm sure the whole paddock feels the same." 

Team owner Barry Walsh added: "It is great to come to Spa, but it has been a frustrating weekend. We were not allowed to show our true pace in the second race but we know where we are and when you consider it is only just five months since we first tested as a team, we are going very well!"

In the first race, Guerrieri moved from 10 th to fifth at the start then sat in that position for most of the race before suffering a late brake failure and dropping back to eighth. Devaney started that race from 18th and moved to tenth on the first lap only for brake problems to slow his pace and drop him out of the points.

The second race had two laps behind the safety car before three full racing laps, during which time Guerrieri managed to climb from 13 th on the grid to ninth. But the return of the safety car halted his climb before a fuel pressure problem put an end to his race, while Devaney managed to finish 12th.

Guerrieri said: "In the first race, I got another fantastic start to move up to fourth, then I dropped to sixth and when the tyres got to temperature I got back to fifth. I was closing in on the guys in front really fast towards the end but then the brakes went and there was nothing I could do. We were fast in the wet for the second race, so it was a shame that we could not have more time at racing pace."

Devaney said: "I made a fantastic start to get up to ninth in race one, but then I had the usual brake problems again and the rear tyres degraded quickly, so I could not keep the pace. The car felt pretty good in the second race and we were a lot quicker than the rest, but it was impossible to overtake. A waste of a day."


Guerrieri - R1: 8th, + 18.514; R2: Retired

Devaney – R1: 11th, + 26.073; R2: 12th, + 7.289s

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