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Donington 12/10/2008 - 06 Days, 05 Hrs, 20 Mins
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The team overcame the tyre issues that had left both cars outside the top ten in qualifying to claim a double points finish in the opening race of the day with Esteban Guerrieri fourth – his best result for the team - and Michael Devaney classified eighth pending a stewards investigation. 

In the second race of the day the two drivers started even further down the grid but the improved performance of the car allowed Guerrieri to climb seven places to finish ninth while Devaney suffered tyre blistering and was unable to continue due to vibrations after a spin midway through the race. 

Team manager Jonny Ostrowski said: "This was a weekend of mixed fortunes. We certainly weren't where we wanted to be in qualifying, but both Mick and Esteban had a great first race. Esteban made great start and while we did benefit from incidents ahead of us we had to be in position to do that. 

"We certainly had race pace with both cars and Mick finished eighth but that is subject to review and we hope he will move up to sixth following a stewards investigation.

"We didn't have such a good time in the afternoon but Esteban managed to climb from P16 on the grid to P9. It was a lot warmer for the second race and Mick's tyres succumbed to the blistering that other teams experienced in qualifying. Unfortunately he spun and due to extreme vibration we retired the car." 

In the first race Guerrieri made a fast start to move to ninth from 14th on the opening lap and moved to eighth on lap two. Devaney was slow away but held his grid position to stay in 11th. Both then gained two places when the leading pair collided on the third lap. 

On lap four Guerrieri made it up to fifth after passing championship leader Marko Asmer but Devaney dropped behind Alberto Valerio. Guerrieri locked brakes several times into the complex as he tried to stay ahead of Rodolfo Gonzalez but he eventually dropped behind on lap six. 

The two new leaders then collided in the final corner and Guerrieri was promoted to fourth, with Devaney up to eighth. The incident brought out the safety car and Guerrieri passed Gonzales for fourth on the re-start lap then held position to the end. Devaney looked to have secured fifth at the final corner but was forced onto the kerb and dropped to eighth as Greg Mansell squeezed through. 

The second race was less eventful. Devaney and Guerrieri started from 14th and 16th respectively but Guerrieri had a flying start again and climbed up to 11th. He made it into the points by the end but Devaney, who dropped a place at the start, spun midway through due to tyre issues. 

Guerrieri said: "I had a great start in the first race and made two places off the line, then gained a couple more when I made a move around the outside of the first corner. Passing Asmer was easy, he was quite slow, but Gonzalez was fast and he made it past me. 

"I had bad traction and the front left tyre also blistered, which made it difficult. I was pushing for third but the car was on the limit and the tyres were starting to go off by the end so it was good to get to the finish in fourth – and it was great to get my best result for the team. The second race we started quite far back but made a good start again and managed to climb up seven places during the race." 

Devaney said: "It was a pretty exciting first race but we had no straight line speed, which made it quite difficult. I had two incidents, which the stewards are looking into.

"The second race I had a really bad start and had to fight too hard from then on. We found pace in the car and at the same time we seem to have lost our fast starts, so that is a problem. In the end the tyres blistered and I spun. The car was not derivable and I had to park up."

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