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Donington 12/10/2008 - 06 Days, 05 Hrs, 18 Mins
DRIVER NEWS: Bird Scores his 9th Podium at Croft


DRIVER NEWS: Sam Bird enjoyed his 9th podium of the season in the British F3 International Series at Croft in North Yorkshire.

Starting from 6th on the grid, he made his usual good start, making up one place, and  quickly took advantage of others’ mistakes to  slot into 3rd place.  Sam held station  in 3rd till the halfway point in the race when the newly crowned champion, Marko Asmer’s engine failed and Sam went into second.  Despite having serious problems with grip, he managed to hold onto second place to put him back into contention for 3rd or even 2nd  place in the championship.  “Jelley and I have closed the gap on Engel with this race and I hope to be able to keep this momentum up into the second race today and on to Rockingham”  he said after race one.

In the second race, a problem in qualifying put Sam down in an uncharacteristic 10th position.  On the line, he took 9th, but on lap four, at Tower, the rear suspension failed him, putting him into his fourth retirement of the season.

“I’m a bit gutted” he said afterwards, “I’ve certainly got the pace and determination to be on the podium regularly, but I’ve now had several mechanical failures and coupled with a bit of bad luck, I’m now fourth in the championship and battling to regain where I was halfway through the season. My last test at Rockingham was good, however, so I’m confident of some good results to finish off the season!”

Sam’s last meeting of the season is at Rockingham on September 30

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