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DRIVER NEWS: Hamad Al Fardan Ready for Season Finale

DRIVER NEWS: Gulf  Finance  House  (GFH)  driver  Hamad  Al  Fardan  heads  to Rockingham Motor Speedway this weekend in Northamptonshire, just one hour North of  London,  for  the  final  two  races  of  the  2007  Lloyds  TSB  Insurance  British  F3 International Series.

The  young  Bahraini  has  had  his fair  share  of challenges  to  overcome this  year  and with twenty-eight of the best young drivers across the globe competing in the finale, Rockingham looks set to provide the ultimate challenge of his rookie season.

After a  season  long  battle  with China's 'Frankie' Cheng, 17-year-old  Mexican  Sergio Perez  may  have  secured  the  National  Class  title  at  Croft  in  North  Yorkshire  three weeks  ago,  but  it  certainly  won't  give  him  a  free  ride  at  Rockingham. Al  Fardan intends  to be  hot on his  heels fighting  for  his first win of the  season and cementing his third place  in the  championship, and if  pre-race testing  last week is  an indicator Perez will need to watch his mirrors.

Al Fardan set the pace last Friday in his first visit to the Northamptonshire track after posting  a  time  of  1:14.101  during  the  second  session  of  the  day,  with  an  average speed  of  94.24mph,  just  1.568  seconds  behind  the  quickest  Championship  Class driver,  Carlin  Motorsport's Sam  Bird.  In  the  morning  session  Al  Fardan clocked  the second quickest time just behind National Class Champion Perez.

Commenting  on the  weekend  ahead Al  Fardan  said  "These last  two races are  really important for me as they will determine where I finish in the championship, but after the  test  at  Rockingham  last  week  I  am  confident  I  can  do  well.  I  was  among  the fastest in  the morning and in the  afternoon we were  able to improve  and I was able to set the pace. Considering that this is my first appearance here at Rockingham and it's a very difficult track to master I am really pleased."

Peter  Panayiotou,  Acting  CEO  for  GFH  added  "We  are  extremely  proud  of  what Hamad  has  accomplished  this  year  and  we  would  really  like  to  see  him  finish  the season with two more great results. All of the GFH team are behind him!"

Al  Fardan  is  currently  17  points  clear  of  fourth  place  man  Michael  Meadows  in  the National  Class  championship  but  with  rumours  rife  that  the  Brit  has  elected  not  to contest the final round of the season it seems the GFH driver may have already done enough  to  secure  third  in   the  championship.  Iceland's  Viktor  Jensen   has  been struggling  with  his  ADR  Dallara  in  the  last  few  races  and  his  5th   place  in  the championship is under threat from a resurgent Salman Al Khalifa.

The final rounds of the 2007 Lloyds TSB Insurance British F3 International Series are due to start on Sunday 30th  September at 11.35 and 14.55.

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