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Donington 12/10/2008 - 06 Days, 18 Hrs, 54 Mins
Hohenthal to choose another way


DRIVER NEWS: Racecar driver Sebastian Hohenthal from Mora, Sweden, has decided to step aside and end this year’s driving in the formula 3 series. Hohenthal is at moment sixth overall in a series compromising some thirty drivers, thus being the most successful swedish driver of the series so far. However, he believes that his chances of winning the championship are minimal after the last two rounds at Brands Hatch GP and SPA-Francorchamps. ”I am a great believer of the doctrine ‘all or nothing’. Surely I still have a theoretical chance of winning the championship, but theory is sometimes far from reality and I am not a dreamer. Now we all have to face the fact that the chance of winning is too far away. I am my own manager and I believe, that the money I would spend staying in championship will be of better use somewhere else. I will, however, not give up my racing career just because of my decision to step aside, quite the opposite; instead I will look forward and work out another way to stay racing.

"Unlike many of my competitors at this level, I have no manager and can both choose and stand up for my own decisions. This decision is certainly a though one to make, but for me racing has always been about being the fastest and my intention has always been to end up as the winner. I am not into racing just because it is fun. I have goals and visions shared together with my sponsors and fans.

This decision might seem to be unwise, keeping in mind that we are currently based sixth in the standings and after all so far have done some good races, but this has only to do with my great belief that  'winning is everything'.

"No blame whatsoever should fall on my team Fortec Motorsport which I have now been with for a record of four years including our championship win in Formula Renault 2006. Until today, every single one at Fortec has been working very hard trying to give me the best car. We have all worked forward trying to test different setups and ideas on the car. In spite of this, I am doubtful that we will find the speed we need to fight for the championship."

Sebastian enjoyed some successes during start of the series, and was the overall leader of the championship after the third race. After the two latest races on Brands Hatch and Spa-Francorchamps he has, however, been unable to secure a place on the podium.

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