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DRIVER: Jay Bridger has Championship in Sight


DRIVER NEWS: Qualifying this week was a little frustrating for Jay Bridger as he was beaten by just a tenth of a second in both sessions for Pole position.

In Race 1 Jay made a good start and challenged for the lead but Stefan Wilson the Pole sitter, and Jay’s team mate, shut the door on him knowing that Jay was thinking of the Championship, and would not be willing to risk a coming together and losing out on points.  Jay applied pressure throughout the race but could not find an opportunity to overtake without risking his position.  One final attempt to overtake was made on the penultimate lap but it didn’t happen and Jay settled for second position. 

Going into Race 2 Jay needed 12 points over closest rival Steven Guerrero to win the Championship at Silverstone.  Unfortunately he made a poor start and dropped to fourth place behind Hywel Lloyd who was defending his position hard.  This cost Jay time and the two front runners started to pull away.  With about 8 laps to go Jay started to close the gap and by the time there were 4 laps left the 4 cars were running together.  This put pressure on the two front runners and eventually they made contact and span off circuit.  Jay was then left battling for the lead with Lloyd, finding it hard to commit to a move whilst thinking of his Championship points.  In crossing the line there was just over a tenth of a second separating them, with Jay taking second place and Guerrero finishing in fourth. 

With a lead of 78 points Jay now only needs 7 points to be certain of winning  the 2008 British National Formula 3 Championship – and there are 4 races left, 2 of which are in Bucharest next week!

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