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A Lap of Silverstone with Marko Asmer


Champiosnhip leader Marko Asmer describes a lap of the 2.249 mile Silverstone International circuit, the home track of his Hitech Racing team.

The approach to the first corner we are doing around 130mph in 6th gear.  The first corner is Copse, which is a challenging corner.  On a good day we take the corner flat and on a bad day it is almost flat but it always hard to get it right.

Then we have the run down to Maggotts at 140mph in 6th gear, which is like a little chicane and is taken flat.  Then you have one of the hard braking points at Becketts, dropping down two or three gears at around 90mph.  You need to make sure you get a really good exit here because after that you have the long straight down to Farm.

Farm, which is a tight hairpin, is one of the overtaking places on the International circuit.  You can brake very late here, dropping down to 2nd gear.  After that we have Bridge, which is also taken flat in a Formula 3 car in 6th gear at around 130mph.

Priory comes up next and is also a very important corner on the circuit. Down one gear, carrying a lot of entry speed and then quickly dropping a further two gears into 3rd for Brooklands.  This is one of the corners where you need to feed in the throttle. It feels so long and it is difficult to get onto the power.  First the car is understeering and then it tries to oversteer at Brooklands.

It is the same for Luffield.  Keeping the car in 3rd you are travelling at around 60mph.  Luffield is a very frustrating corner fro a driver because you are always trying to get on the power as early as you can but you just need top wait and wait until you can get out of the corner and get on the throttle.  It is important to get a good run onto the straight through Woodcote, which is taken at around 120mph, still in 5th gear, changing up to 6th as you exit the corner and crossing the line to begin another lap.

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