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A Lap of Thruxton with Greg Mansell


Greg Mansell made his British Formula 3 debut at Thruxton in 2006 and set the fourth fastest lap time in the opening wet race.  With two podium finishes in his first full season the 19-year-old Duo sponsored driver describes a lap of the ultra quick Thruxton circuit. 

“You go over the start-finish line after coming out of the slow chicane.  The first corner is absolutely flat out at about 150mph, short shifting 6th as you are going around it.  You go flat out all the way around there, trying to let the car go as smooth as possible.

“Then to Campbell; this is the esses and the most important corner on the track.  You have to get the car set up and flat out as early as you can.  Around Seagrave; this is very bumpy, there is a big bump on the apex and it's all off camber going off to the grass, and that's still flat out going around Noble.

“Noble is a very important corner because it leads up to Goodwood.   Goodwood is the hardest corner on the track for me because it's just flat if you're hanging it out there and you've got good tyres and that will carry you all the way around Village and Church.

“Church is flat out and the quickest corner we do in F3.  It's 165mph and is absolutely brilliant towing down the Brooklands Straight.  You can do any overtaking move you can think of - outside or inside - and if you can jump from tow to tow it's possible to do three or four cars down the straight.

“Down to the Club Chicane, late on the brakes, doing about 170mph or more into there depending on whether you got a tow or not.  Club is a very tight chicane with massive kerbs, you have to be very precise and accurate and get a good run onto the back straight again to begin another lap.”

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