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A lap of Monza with Max Chilton


Max Chilton is one of 11 drivers in this year's series who raced at Monza in British F3 last season.  The 17-year-old is hoping for better luck in Italy to get his and his Hitech teams season back on track.

"I love Monza, it takes you back to karting where you have to get perfect slipstream to get a perfect time because for 80 or 90 percent of the time you are flat on the throttle.  The place is just awesome; it's still got the old banking and there is so much history - it's such a great track.

"The main tip for this track is to leave your braking as late as possible and get on the power as early as possible, so you have to sort the car out in the middle of the corner when you're not doing anything.  Coming down the main straight we'll probably be doing 165mph into the first corner.  Then it's down into second gear in about 70 metres, trying to thread through the kerbs without touching them before getting back on the power as soon as you can.

"Then going around the next corner in 5th, which is an easy right handed sweep, but the next Chicane is where you can lose or gain a lot of time. Late on the brakes, trying not to touch the first kerb but then take loads of the second kerb in 3rd gear.

"The next corner at Lesmo is a double apex.  For the first one you have to carry as much speed as you can, at turnin you are travelling at around 110mph and you have to try not to run out wide.  The next part of the corner is fairly easy flat and then it's a long straight down to Ascari.

"You have to turn in under the brakes, dropping down to 4th gear and then try and keep your speed all the way around and then hope to get a tow down the back straight at around 165mph in top.  The next corner is the Parabolica, which is all about being brave, leaving the braking as late as you can and keeping the speed all the way round, which will then slingshot you out onto the main straight to begin another lap."

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