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Official site of British F3 International Series.
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A lap of Silverstone with Sergio Perez


Silverstone is the local circuit for the Brackley based T Sport team and Sergio Perez, the reigning British F3 National Class Champion and winner of four races in 2008, describes a lap of the 2.2 mile International Circuit.

“Crossing the start finish line in sixth gear you arrive at Copse Corner, which is a very quick right hander taken flat in 6th gear at around 130mph. You are always aiming to be flat through there, though it does depend on how the car is balanced.  You always get some oversteer at Copse but keeping it flat here allows for a better run down the next straight.

“Arriving at Maggotts, quickly through here and then hard on the brakes for Becketts, which is taken in fourth gear, at around 90mph.  It is very important to keep the momentum there and to be very aggressive on the throttle to get a good exit for the run down to Farm.

“Back into second gear and braking hard for Farm, our speed is down to around 45mph.  It is very easy to lock the wheels through here so you try to brake in a straight line.  The exit is very important to get a good run up to Bridge which is an easy flat corner, 6th gear at around 130mph.  We've got to keep the car to the right hand side to get a good line into Priory.

“At Priory drop back to fifth gear and it is about how much speed you can carry into Priory, staying on the throttle to keep the car stable for the next series of corners.

“Brooklands is next, braking and dropping back into third gear and, like Farm, it is very easy to lock the front wheels here, so we brake and then come off the brakes as soon as possible to carry a good momentum.  Quickly arriving into Luffield, which is a very difficult corner as there are a lot of different lines through there.  Depending on the grip levels, you can get back on the throttle very early as long as the car doesn't start to understeer.

“It is then back up through the gears through Woodcote and across the line to start another lap.”


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